Book Launch
Book Launch party
Book Launch party
The Author Pete Nice
Book Launch party guests
Book Launch party Guest
Book Launch party guests Inta
Book Launch party guests
Me Pete Nice & Mastermind PR
Book Launch party guests
Book Launch party guests
Book Launch party guests
Inta natty chanting
Me and Fabio
Oxford girls rocking INTA
CPFC 1982
D30 Youth
We are evil
With Pete Nice
The first copies
signed for IndieGoGo contributors
Promo video shoot at Brixton Jamm
DJ Chef show our 1st radio interview
DJ Pitch Flex FM interview
My Brothers Face , Pete Nice, Killa
Actor & Director Terry Stone
With Terry Stone and David Blair
DJ Fabio
DJ Grooverider
DJ Chef
RagaTwins deh bout
'Happy reader' Wendy
'Happy reader' Alison
'Happy reader'  Sherry
'Happy reader'  Chantelle
'Happy reader'  Marina
'Happy reader'  Ian
'Happy reader'  Trevor
'Happy reader'  AJ from Hardnoise
Happy reader Steve CPFC
We are I.E - Lennie D Ice
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'Happy reader'  Chantelle